History of the Raja Maha Vihara, Getabaruwa  
        Raja Maha Vihara of Getabaruwa is located on the summit of famous Getabaru Kanda at an elevation of 1500 feet above the mean sea level in the village of Katapola between 45-47 mile posts on Gall Deniyaya main road, and within the area of authority of Divisional Secretary’s division of Kotapola in historic Matota, the birth place of many learned and wise sons and daughters of Mother Lanka. The mountain which gives a charming splendid scenic beauty even at a distance is surrounded by many guardian attendant mountains. On one side it is connected to Rakwana hills and the virgin Sinharaja forest and on the other side to Morawak Kanda mountain and is extended to the thick forest.
  Natures splendid Inheritance  
        Natural beauty around the temple is charmingly attractive to the eye. It is rich with rare medicinal plants and local animal species. The peak is a unique creation of Mother Nature. The Raja Maha Vihara of Getabaruwa located on the peak is 1 ¼ miles from Kotapola Bazaar.
        This age old rock temple is located in a cave of 30 feet which is a majestic creation of the Nature. Inside the care,there is a sleeping Buddha statue of 18 “riyanas” in length. On the side of the Vihara there
is the devale of god Ragguru Bandara and on the other side are the devalas of gods Vishnu and Kataragama.